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The LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders 2023

Manny Athwal, recognised as One to Watch in The LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders for 2023 created by trusted investment partner LDC – part of Lloyds Banking Group, and supported by The Times, The LDC Top 50 champions the business leaders who are pushing for growth and building successful medium-sized businesses.

This year’s nominations were of an exceptionally high calibre and the competition was fierce, showcasing the drive and determination that unites business leaders across the UK. The leaders featured in The LDC Top 50 are growing their businesses at home and overseas, making a positive contribution to society and driving progress against their sustainability goals. 

The Ones to Watch are leaders making great strides and growing their businesses. They are excelling in their industries and making a positive impact on customers and employees, yet still show so much potential for future growth.

School of Coding & AI is the UK’s biggest coding and computer science educator. Working in partnership with three major universities and over 100 primary and secondary schools in the UK, School of Coding & AI delivers after school clubs and coding workshops to engage, inspire and create tech leaders of tomorrow from a young age.

Manny said: “To be recognised in the LDC Most Ambitious Business Leaders list for 2023 is a huge honour. I started what was originally School of Coding with the mission to improve the delivery of coding and computer science across the country for people from all backgrounds. Now we have expanded to include AI as well as launching the sister School of Cyber Security”.

School of Coding & AI, while not securing victory in the LDC awards, did earn a notable mention as ‘ones to watch’ in The Times newspaper.

John Garner, Managing Partner at LDC, said: “We started The LDC Top 50 six years ago to champion the remarkable success stories of medium-sized businesses, the unsung heroes of the British economy. Since then, we’ve received more than 3,000 nominations and celebrated more than 500 business leaders through the programme, surpassing all our expectations. The stories behind this year’s Ones to Watch really captured our attention and I’d like to congratulate them on their achievements so far. We’ve no doubt that this is only the beginning for each and every one of them!

You can find out more information on this year’s LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders programme here:


Winners Of The Nachural Summer Business Awards For The Excellence In Technologies Category!

Winners of the Nachural Summer Business Awards for the Excellence in Technologies category!


We are very honoured to be the winners of the Nachural Summer Business Awards for the Excellence in Technologies category!

We were also runner-ups in the Entrepreneur of the Year, and International Business of the Year categories, we are very proud to have been nominated for more than one category.


Signature Awards (Birmingham) 2023 – Winner

Winners of the Signature Awards (Birmingham) 2023!


We are honored to be the winners of the Signature Awards (Birmingham) 2023!

We are very proud to have been nominated for more than one category.

Thank you to everyone that supports School of Coding and our mission to inspire tech leaders of tomorrow!


School Of Coding & AI Shortlisted For West Midlands Business Of The Year Awards!

We are delighted to share the wonderful news School of Coding & AI has been shortlisted for the prestigious West Midlands Business of the Year Awards! Under various categories. This recognition speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence, innovation, and making a positive impact.

1. Community Impact: Connecting Lives, Transforming Futures

At School of Coding & AI, we are deeply committed to the impact of coding education on communities. This nomination is a nod to our efforts in bringing positive change to the areas we serve. It underscores the dedication of our team and the strides we’ve collectively taken to create opportunities and foster a sense of belonging.

2. Family Business: Nurturing Growth, Building on Tradition

Nominated in the ‘Family Business’ category, we’re excited to share that the School of Coding & AI has its roots in family values. Our company, initiated by Manny Athwal, started as a family project. This nomination recognizes our commitment to fostering growth and building strong connections within our educational family. It’s a tribute to the family spirit that has shaped our journey, where the business has flourished without external investments, reflecting our dedication to nurturing a close-knit coding community.

3. Fast Growth Business: Paving the Way for Tomorrow’s Leaders

In the ‘Fast Growth Business’ group, we got noticed because we’re good at adapting and love coming up with new ideas. Our business is growing really fast, not just in coding but in other areas too, and that shows people trust us. We’re not just keeping up; we’re setting a new example for the future. This has seen School of Coding & AI doubling its revenue year on year, but also in how much we care about helping the next batch of tech leaders and innovators grow.

Sharing the Success: A Collective Achievement

This achievement would not be possible without the unwavering support of our community – our students, their families, partners, and everyone who has been part of our journey. This recognition is as much yours as it is ours. As we eagerly await the results, let’s celebrate together, reflecting on the progress we’ve made and looking forward to the exciting possibilities ahead.

Stay tuned for updates, and thank you for being an integral part of the School of Coding & AI family.


School Of Coding Manny Athwal, Winner Of Prestigious Award July 2023

School of Codings CEO, Manny Athwal has proudly been selected for Excellence in Technology Award at the Nachural Summer Business Award.

The man who founded Britain’s largest coding and computer science educator after losing his job in the City and wondering how he would provide for his young family are now winners of the Excellence in Technology award for their business School of Coding.

Manny Athwal picked up the honour at Birmingham’s Signature Awards this July.

His company, School of Coding, based in Wolverhampton, was named as a finalist in the Excellence in Technology category as well as being shortlisted for the Innovation Award by the Institute of Directors (IoD) Director of the Year Awards Ceremony 2023 and LDC’s Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders 2023. To be announced later this year.

School of Coding was founded by Manny in 2017, and since then he and his wife Sandeep have taken the company from their bedroom to a multi-office organisation with plans to create more than 100 new jobs in the next three years and reach £50m turnover within the next five years.

“I am absolutely delighted to have been awarded Excellence in Technology Year at the Signature Awards. It is a fantastic testament to what we have and are trying to achieve here at School of Coding. Our plans for School of Coding are limitless, what we are trying to achieve here helps everyone’s future. – Manny Athwal, CEO

“Although we are still a relatively young company, we have already made great strides in the education sector and through our work with the UK government and other major organisations such as Toyota, the European Council and JP Morgan, DWP and newly formed FSE and MEIF. – Manny Athwal, CEO

School of Coding teaches over 5,000 students each month, working with major universities and over 150 schools and colleges across the UK.


Manny Athwal, Awarded For Innovation From The Institute Of Directors (IoD)

Manny Athwal, the esteemed CEO of School of Coding & AI, was announced winner of the Innovation Award during the Institute of Directors (IoD) Annual Awards ceremony in London this month.

Manny Athwal has long been recognised as a pioneering figure for Coding and Computer Science education. His commitment to new concepts and his ability to transform them into projects that span internationally is phenomenal.

Among the awards they’ve received are the prestigious title of “Entrepreneur of The Year” at Birmingham’s Signature Awards, a distinguished recognition in the “Excellence In Technologies” category at the Nachural Summer Business Awards, and being selected as a winner for the “Director of the Year” in the Innovation category by the Institute of Directors. It doesn’t stop there! They have also clinched finalist spots in two categories for Birmingham’s Signature Awards, two more for the Black Country Chamber of Commerce, and an additional finalist position in one category for LDC. With nominations spanning three distinct awards and a total of eight categories, this individual’s outstanding accomplishments in the business world have garnered well-deserved recognition on multiple fronts.

The IoD Innovation Award serves as a powerful testament to Manny’s extraordinary journey, which was not without its struggles. It reflects his exceptional leadership and the solid innovative spirit that have propelled the organisation to unprecedented heights. Despite facing adversity, including times when he hit rock bottom while striving to support his family, Manny’s resilience and determination shine through in his role as a forward-thinking leader. His personal experiences have not only made him receptive to change but have also instilled in him a profound motivation to inspire others to do the same.

Furthermore, Manny’s dedication to innovation extends far beyond the School of Coding. It’s a commitment born from the challenges he faced, particularly during those tough times. His experiences have moulded him into a prominent figure within the leadership business community. He actively participates in industry events and engages in mentoring programs, drawing from his own experiences to share his expertise and inspire others to think creatively and overcome obstacles with unwavering determination.

Take a listen to the podcast featuring Manny as a guest speaker which talks about his journey.


School Of Coding & AI Wins Employer Of The Year At Black Country Business Awards 2023!

We School of Coding & AI have once again proven our excellence in shaping the future of technology and fostering a dynamic learning environment. We are thrilled to announce that we have been honoured with the Employer of the Year award at the highly esteemed Black Country Chamber Business Awards 2023! This achievement is a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent and driving innovation in the fields of coding and artificial intelligence.

Excellence in Education

We have consistently set ourselves apart as a leading institution in the ever-evolving landscape of technology education. This recognition as the Employer of the Year further solidifies its dedication to providing top-notch learning experiences for aspiring developers and AI enthusiasts.

Innovative Teaching Methods

Our success can be attributed to its innovative teaching methods, which combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on, practical experience. By integrating real-world projects and industry-relevant curriculum, we ensure that our students are well-equipped to meet the demands of the rapidly advancing tech industry.

Building a Strong Community

One of the key factors that contributed to our success in winning the Employer of the Year award is its emphasis on building a strong community. We foster collaboration among students, faculty, and industry professionals, creating a network that extends beyond the classroom.


At the Black Country Chamber Business Awards 2023, Sandeep Athwal, School of Coding & AI’s Director adds, “I’m thrilled to share that last night, School of Coding & AI received the prestigious ‘Employer of the Year’ award at the Black Country Chamber Business Awards event. We’ve put in considerable effort to create and enforce policies ensuring the happiness of our staff during their time with us. It’s incredibly rewarding to have our commitment recognised within the county”.

The Black Country Chamber Business Awards 2023 provided a platform to celebrate the outstanding achievements of businesses in the region, and it is honoured to be among the prestigious award recipients. This recognition not only reflects our dedication to excellence but also highlights its positive impact on the local and global tech communities.


AI will end all jobs, Elon Musk says

AI will end all jobs, Elon Musk says

Speaking at Bletchley Park AI summit last week (2 November) technology billionaire Elon Musk said no one will have to work once AI is fully developed.

Musk said: “We are seeing the most disruptive force in history here. There will come a point where no job is needed – you can have a job if you want one for personal satisfaction but AI will do everything.

“It’s both good and bad – one of the challenges in the future will be how do we find meaning in life.”

This contrasts prime minister Rishi Sunak’s previous assertion that AI at work should be considered a ‘co-pilot’ rather than a risk to jobs.

In a speech on 26 October, Sunak said: “It’s important to recognise AI doesn’t just automate and take people’s jobs. A better way to think about it is as a co-pilot.”

Manny Athwal, founder of the School of Coding, disagreed with Musk’s comments, saying AI will create even more jobs.

Speaking to HR magazine, he said: “AI has many applications, including in fields such as medicine, finance, education, and transportation. Some examples of AI technologies include virtual assistants, self-driving cars, image and speech recognition systems, and recommendation engines. 

“AI will continue to drive massive innovation that will fuel many existing industries and could have the potential to create many new sectors for growth, ultimately leading to the creation of more jobs. It could become one of the single most influential human innovations in history.”

As jobs are changed and created by AI, employers and workers should focus on upskilling in order to remain agile according to Agata Nowakowska, AVP EMEA at Skillsoft.

A study from Randstad said only 13% of employees have been offered AI training in the last year, despite 33% already using it day to day at work.

She said: “It is unlikely that AI will replace human work altogether any time soon. However, what is clear is that the transformations brought by AI will demand entirely new skill sets. 

“With that in mind, businesses must prioritise investments in AI training and upskilling programs. This proactive approach ensures that employees can ethically and effectively leverage AI tools. 

“The jobs of tomorrow may look very different to those of today. Fostering workplace cultures that champion continuous learning and skills development is crucial to adapting to the evolving work landscape.”​

Chris Pedder,  chief data officer at Obrizum, said although he is sceptical that human work will end altogether, the threat of widespread job loss is real.

Goldman Sachs estimates 300 million jobs could be lost or diminished by this fast-growing technology.

Speaking to HR magazine, he said: “If human labour becomes largely unnecessary, it could profoundly reshape society. 

“To navigate this transition, regulation and policy are crucial. Worker protections must be strengthened, including guaranteed income schemes that provide stability amid volatility. Civic institutions that provide community and identity beyond jobs will likely grow more vital.

“If labour declines in economic importance, a vision for fulfilling lives beyond jobs is essential. Rather than fatalism about mass unemployment, the prudent path is cautious optimism paired with proactive policies to smooth workforce transitions.”


Coding school launches courses to improve digital skills in Shropshire

Coding school launches courses to improve digital skills in Shropshire

A coding and computer science educator has launched a new scheme, funded by the Government, to improve the digital skills of adults across Shropshire.

School of Coding & AI is looking to support over 500 Shropshire residents over the next two years in developing Digital and Communication Skills for Life.

Digital Shropshire is designed to provide every individual over the age of 16 living in the county with the chance to enhance their digital skills, whether this is to learn how to get safely online, or get ready for employment, upskilling or needing help with digital inclusion and accessing healthcare and other essential services online.

Courses cover a broad spectrum, including essential digital skills and communication skills for life.

The aim of the courses is to ensure Shropshire residents are well-equipped to tackle the demands of accessing the digital world we live in, but also today’s job market.

Clare Norton, Operations Manager of School of Coding & AI, said: “We will provide courses that upskill our Shropshire residents, whether this is in basic digital skills, or getting online safely, or more advanced techniques such as improving your CV and presenting skills to take your next step on your career path.

“Initially we will have two courses available: Essential Digital Skills, and Communication and Life Skills. The courses are available to anyone over 16 and living in the Shropshire Council area. It’s rare to find a project such as this where funded courses are available to anyone, even if they are in education, employment or training.

“Our courses run on a weekly basis in market towns throughout the county and if you book both Digital Skills and Communication and Life Skills courses we will include a £25 gift voucher for each of our participants on completion of course 2.”

The courses are initially at three key locations throughout Shropshire – Shrewsbury, Bridgnorth and Market Drayton – and run through until Christmas.

Councillor Mark Jones, Cabinet member for Economic Growth and Regeneration, at Shropshire Council said: “We realise that many people feel excluded because of the increased digitisation of our daily lives.

“This project, made possible through our UK Shared Prosperity Fund, is a major response to this issue in Shropshire. It will provide much needed support and training in what have now become essential life – and work – skills for residents.”

For more information on School of Coding & AI’s Digital Shropshire project and courses or enrollment details and criteria, visit, call 01902 509 209 or email [email protected]

The project is funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.


Educator acquires Indian software firm

Educator acquires Indian software firm

Manny Athwal, Founder of School of Coding & AI and sister business School of Cyber Security, flew to India recently to complete the acquisition.

As a result of the deal, School of Coding & AI will now offer education and commercial software development across the UK, Europe, and Asia.

The buy-out has secured almost 100 jobs in India, with a further 15–20 jobs being created in the West Midlands.

SimbaQuartz was launched eight years ago by entrepreneur Mandeep Kaur Tangra to provide mobile and web app development, graphic design, and digital marketing services. 

Manny, who is based in Wolverhampton, said: “I am delighted that we have acquired a majority stake in SimbaQuartz. I am excited to work with Mandeep Kaur Tangra. Together we are on a mission to build one of the largest software houses and digital marketing companies in India and create jobs for young people in both the UK and also in India, so that they don’t need to leave their country to find a bright future.

“Our investment means that we have secured the future of 85 people working at SimbaQuartz and we will also be creating around 15–20 jobs here in the West Midlands as part of the collaboration.

“The attraction for businesses in India and the UK is clear, as SimbaQuartz offers courses in programming and digital marketing at almost 40% cheaper the price you would expect to pay in the UK.”

Mandeep said: “I am thrilled to be working with Manny and taking SimbaQuartz from a family-owned business to a multinational company. We are the largest coding school and IT services company in Punjab and have generated skilled, white collar jobs in the state. I look forward to this next step with great excitement.”

Manny founded School of Coding & AI six years ago and this year launched the sister business School of Cyber Security.

This has been a landmark year for the businesses. School of Coding & AI was named Employer of the Year at the 2023 Black Country Chamber Business Awards and is in the running for three titles in the West Midlands Business of the Year awards. School of Cyber Security was nominated for Cyber Educator of the Year at the 2023 Cyber Security Awards. Manny has been presented with the prestigious Innovation Award at the Institute of Directors Annual Awards ceremony and named in The Times LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders 2023.