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Alternative Education Provision

We take great pride in introducing our new Alternative Education Provision to students who have faced permanent exclusion from traditional mainstream educational settings, ensuring that they receive a high-quality education.

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Our Mission in Alternative Education

We exist to educate children and adults to help them build a better future so that they can find solutions to the world’s biggest problems through code.

We adhere to an approach centered around students, customising our programs to meet their individual needs. Our commitment involves delivering high-quality education, promoting lifelong learning, nurturing inclusivity, and fostering a strong sense of community.

What makes us different:

At the School of Coding & AI, our array of courses spans Coding, Robotics, Tech Education, Business and Entrepreneurship, along with subjects such as English, Math, Science, Humanities, Creativity, and PSHE Personal Wellbeing. Wherever a student’s interests or aspirations lie, we undoubtedly offer something to facilitate their learning and development.

Courses We Offer

English - Functional Skills and OCR GCSE

with essential communication skills, enhances critical thinking, improves employability, nurtures cultural understanding, and establishes a robust foundation for continuous learning and development. Functional Skills Level 1 – 2 further enhances employability, laying a solid foundation for further education and career success. Students will have the opportunity to study GCSE English Language which cultivates advanced language skills, critical analysis, and effective communication, enhancing academic and professional success. It provides a strong foundation for higher education, careers, and personal development.

Mathematics - Functional Skills and OCR GCSE

employability, and a foundation for further education and career success. Level 1-3 empowers students with practical problemsolving abilities, boosting confidence, and lays groundwork for future academic pursuits and varied career opportunities. The comprehensive GCSE curriculum ensures a well-rounded understanding with specific objectives for topics, including arithmetic, percentages, geometry, and statistics. With organised content and exam practice sessions, the courses impact students by preparing them for real-world applications and fostering proficiency in mathematical principles throughout their academic journey.

OCR Computer Science

and organised lessons, we position our students for optimal success in achieving higher grades.

NOCN Personal Well Being Level 1

It promotes a balanced lifestyle through exercise and a healthy diet. Additionally, it addresses isolation, selfesteem, bullying, stres management, healthy relationships, sexual health, and body image, providing a holistic approach to well-being for students.

NOCN Certified Digital Skills

Digital Skills 4 Life refers to the set of competencies and knowledge that students need to navigate and thrive in the digital age. These skills are increasingly crucial in various aspects of personal, professional, and societal life. Our digital money skills courses gives students the ability to manage and use digital forms of currency and financial services. Developing proficiency in digital money skills comes with various benefits.

NOCN Certified Python Programming

software, automated tasks and conduct data analysis. Python is your friendly guide on this adventure – its easy-to-read commands make it an ideal starting point. Whether you’re shaping calculations, crafting games, or exploring the web, Python empowers you to turn ideas into reality.

NOCN Certified Java Programming

while fostering their ability to create functional applications across various domains. The course covers essential topics, from the basics of getting started and working with variables, input, and decision-making constructs like IF statements and Switch Case, to more advanced topics like loops, arrays, lists, and reading and writing data to files. In addition, the course explores the exciting world of Graphics, enabling students to create dynamic and visually engaging applications. The ultimate objective of this course is to prepare students for a final assessment where they can apply their knowledge and skills to develop a fully functional Java application, showcasing their ability to work with diverse.

NOCN Certified Entrepreneurship

through real-world modules and access to our CEO, Manny Atwal, who shares insights from his journey in founding of School of Coding & AI. This program covers entrepreneurship and digital entrepreneurship which consists of critical thinking, financial literacy, resilience, and risk management, fostering initiative and self reliance for real-world success. These skills are transferable to enhance employability in personal finance, decision-making, and leadership. The course includes six modules assessed through coursework and presentations, concluding with a Year 11 work experience placement, with pass or fail outcomes for each module.

Pearson Sports Level 1

and develop their skills for progression to further learning and, ultimately, to employment. The Award is designed for learners who may want to study a sector unit and plan their next steps by completing the Developing a Personal Progression Plan unit. BTEC Sports in years 9-11 provides students with a comprehensive understanding of sports science, coaching, and fitness. This practical and theoretical knowledge not only supports physical well-being but also nurtures teamwork, leadership, and communication skills. It prepares students for diverse careers in the sports industry, promoting a holistic approach to health and fostering a lifelong appreciation for physical activity and its impact on overall wellbeing.

Pearson Work Skills Level 1

that contribute to both personal and professional development. They will gain key skills such as career readiness, industry relevant knowledge, hands on experience, networking opportunities and more! It’s important for students to choose courses that align with their interests and future career goals, ensuring that they derive maximum benefit from the experience.


Learning history in Years 9 and 10 fosters critical thinking, analytical skills, and a deeper understanding of societal changes during the Industrial Revolution. It also enhances research and presentation abilities through group projects, promoting a comprehensive grasp of historical concepts. Studying geography in Years 9 and 10 cultivates critical thinking and analytical skills through topics like transport, hydrology, tourism, and coastal studies. It promotes a holistic understanding of the world’s physical and human landscapes.


dynamic exploration of biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science, fostering practical skills and a deep understanding of real-world applications in each course. Science Functional Skills offers students crucial benefits by cultivating analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities. These skills not only contribute to academic success but also empower students with practical knowledge applicable in everyday life. Understanding scientific concepts enhances their awareness of the natural world, fostering a foundation for further studies.

Creative including Art and Drama

These subjects cultivate communication skills, empathy, and an appreciation for diverse perspectives. Engaging in artistic and dramatic endeavors enhances confidence, adaptability, and the ability to collaborate, crucial for personal development. Moreover, it provides a platform for exploring cultural awareness and societal issues, contributing to well-rounded individuals prepared for various academic challenges.


Coding for Children

Beginner Scratch

Students learn looping, conditional logic, variables and event-driven code in a creative way through sprite animation projects. Foundational computational skills are built.

Coding for Children

Intermediate Scratch

Concepts like cloning, scoring, timers and keyboard input are covered. Project design is scaffolded to introduce core concepts in a challenging yet supported environment. Problem-solving abilities expand.

Coding for Children

Advanced Scratch

Object-oriented coding, lists, file handling and advanced graphical effects are covered. Project planning is self-directed with teachers providing feedback and support. Portfolios highlight mastery of computational concepts for further study.



Coding for Children

Python Foundation Course (NOCN Certified)

Concepts are taught through short interactive programs using visualizations and games. Formatting, debugging and functions are also covered. Programming foundations are built in a low-risk way.

Coding for Children

Python Intermediate Course (NOCN Certified)

Topics include list manipulation, file input/output, defining classes and objects. Problem-solving through game or simulation projects applies growing expertise. Refactoring and modular code organization are emphasized.

Coding for Children

Advanced Python (NOCN Certified)

Complex data types, recursion, inheritance, data visualization, databases and algorithms are covered. Students demonstrate mastery through open-ended applications using object-oriented design principles. Portfolios showcase advancement towards cognitive skills for further.

Coding for Children

Beginner (NOCN Certified)

scalability. It’s commonly used in various domains, including web development, mobile app development, enterprise software, and game development. If you’re new to programming, Java is an excellent language to start with due to its straightforward syntax and extensive community support.

Coding for Children

Intermediate (NOCN Certified)

more advanced concepts and techniques. In this intermediate-level guide, we’ll cover topics such as object-oriented programming principles, exception handling, file I/O, collections, and more, to help you further enhance your Java programming skills.

Coding for Children

Advance (NOCN Certified)

advanced concepts and techniques that will elevate your Java skills to new heights. From advanced data structures and algorithms to design patterns and performance optimization, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of Java and its capabilities.

Java Programming

Safeguarding our students and staff

At our centers, we take safeguarding very seriously and our commitment to safety extends to every member of our team, including our office staff. All of our staff members are enhanced DBS checked and rigorously trained in safeguarding procedures to ensure the well-being and security of everyone in our care.


SEND Provision

Our AEP is designed to provide personalised and tailored support for students with SEND. We recognise the unique learning needs of each individual and implement strategies to address those needs effectively. We ensure an inclusive learning environment is experienced that embraces diversity. We prioritise creating a space where all students, regardless of their abilities or challenges, feel valued and included. Our staff undergoes specialised training in supporting students with SEND. This training equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to cater to a diverse range of learning requirements, fostering an environment of understanding and empathy. Students with SEND benefit from individualised learning plans that are crafted in collaboration with educators, parents, and specialists. These plans outline specific goals, accommodations, and support strategies tailored to each student’s unique needs. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach, involving collaboration between teachers, special education professionals, and support staff. This collaborative effort ensures a comprehensive and holistic support system for students with SEND.

Our AEP is equipped with accessible resources and technology to enhance the learning experience for students with different abilities. This includes assistive technologies, modified materials, and additional resources to facilitate effective learning. We implement a systematic approach to monitor the progress of students with SEND. Regular assessments and evaluations help us track their development, adjust support strategies as needed, and celebrate their achievements. We are committed to continuous improvement in our SEND provision. Regular reviews, feedback mechanisms, and staying informed about the latest advancements in special education contribute to an evolving and responsive AEP for students with SEND.

Our AEP Team

Meet our highly experienced team who define our expertise.

Sandeep Athwal

With a degree in Psychology and numerous certifications in training and assessment, Sandeep holds the position of Director at the School of Coding AEP, spearheading the business's growth strategy and recruitment efforts. Sandeep actively seeks out fresh talent for the company across the UK & Europe. Additionally, she serves as the co-founder of SOC Communities Foundation, a charitable organisation dedicated to assisting underprivileged communities across the UK, Europe, & Asia. Outside of her professional endeavors, Sandeep is a devoted mother of two and a loving spouse to Manny Athwal. She has a keen interest in fashion and cherishes spending time with her children and family.

Suki Gill

Director of Education and Quality & Designated Safeguarding Lead
Suki Gill, serving as both our Director of Education and Quality as well as the Designated Safeguarding Lead, possesses extensive expertise in her field. With an MSc in Computing and 11 years of experience as Head of Department, she brings a rich background to her role. Having worked across a spectrum of school environments, such as Grammar, Independent, and Boarding secondary schools, Suki has also served as an OCR examiner and NEA moderator for 9 years. Through these roles, she has actively contributed to increasing female participation in Computing and STEM subjects.

Cameron Atwal

Deupty DSL
Cameron boasts over five years of tutoring experience, spanning various locations nationwide, catering to students from diverse educational backgrounds within and outside the UK. His journey led him to spearhead his inaugural project, managing and organising holiday clubs aimed at students from underprivileged backgrounds and those with special educational needs in Wolverhampton, Walsall, Staffordshire, and Telford. Additionally, Cameron offers boxing sessions as an enriching activity for our students during lunch breaks.

Cavin Wright​

Learner Engagement Co-ordinator
Cavin, also referred to as CJ, fulfills the role of one of our Learner Engagement Co-ordinators. Possessing a fervent dedication to guiding and motivating learners, Cavin draws upon over a decade of experience in youth work. His journey commenced at the age of 15 when he opted for a divergent path to assist his friends who were frequently encountering difficulties. Cavin's enthusiasm for Maths, Drones, Robotics and Sports, encompassing football, basketball, and rounders, ensures he remains active and invigorated.

Kyle Cadwallader

Learner Engagement Co-ordinator
Kyle serves as one of our Learner Engagement Co-ordinators and takes the lead in teaching English, 3D Printing, Programming and Robotics. He harbors a profound passion for ensuring that learners are given a second chance to advance in their educational journey, equipping them with the necessary qualifications to secure their desired careers. Having experienced similar challenges as our learners, he believes he can serve as an exemplary role model, guiding them towards achieving their aspirations.
Kelly Cox

Kelly Cox

Teaching Assistant
Kelly has had a deep passion for working with children and young adults. Her journey began with completing a NVQ teaching assistant courses, Level 2 and 3, where she gained hands-on experience in both primary and secondary school settings. Although the environments were quite different, the joy of supporting students and witnessing their growth and learning development was incredibly rewarding for Kelly. Working with young people gives a sense of purpose, especially when they achieve goals they're proud of. Within her spare time, Kelly also enjoy sports like badminton and running, which help her stay active.
Nina Bhambra

Nina Bhambra

Teaching Assistant
Nina fills the role of teaching assistant for our alternative provision With her extensive experience within FE, secondary and primary she understands the challenges our learners face With a good knowledge of SEMH / SEN Putting in 1.1 interventions to help support the learners in there basic fundamental skills and needs.

Online & Classroom based at our Innovation Learning Centres

Classroom learning provides face-to-face interaction between students and instructors, fostering a dynamic and engaging environment. This direct interaction allows for immediate feedback, discussions, and collaborative activities. Online courses often allow learners to progress at their own pace. Students can review materials, complete assignments, and participate in discussions based on their individual learning speeds and preferences.

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